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FIFA 21 Mobile Now is available for Android and iOS. Don’t wait, choose your software and run FIFA 21 APK Android and iOS!

FIFA 21 cell phone

FIFA 21 Mobile is the 28th installment of the FIFA series, a football simulation video game that has been developed and released. Launched the first FIFA 21, PlayStation 4, Xbox One for Microsoft Windows. Following the popularity of FIFA 21, FIFA 21 was re-released and released on mobile devices (Android / iOS). The FIFA 21 demo release deadline expires at the end of 2020. FIFA 21 has updated many Android features. It is the first FIFA series on all FIFA 21 platforms.

Why should you play FIFA 21 for Android and iOS?

The failed FIFA football, also known as the rotating FIFA, was first introduced in the world of mobile phones. The game is similar to EA Sports FIFA Street. Many roles are played in FIFA 21, which is one of the main features of the game. EA Sports has officially agreed to update FIFA on Android for the first time.

The game is played with floating analog keys and the floating analog keys are used to create shot, fire, display skills and the game passes faster than the previous season. In the game, you now have two options to control the floating buttons to control the player or to connect a Bluetooth controller to the console. FIFA 21 APK has premium features, so now you can only download FIFA 21 Android in premium game mode.

What is an Apk file?

FIFA 21 Android Feautres and full game info

The game mechanics, gameplay, and game visualization are similar in terms of FIFA 21 console and PC versions. As we know, smartphone gaming is taking the next level these days. So, FIFA 21 Android has been completely redesigned, which can now be played on a less obvious Android Android computer. The higher your phone requirements, the higher the results in the app. When downloaded, FIFA 21 Android has a file size of 3.2 GB, which is quite large, but includes Vital Football

FIFA 21 Android career mode

Interactive Match Sim: FIFA 21 is the new season of FIFA 21 for Android. What do you expect, what are you waiting for? Start and stop playing games to control the outcome of the game by manipulating key moments like penalties and free kicks.

Player Development: In FIFA 21 Android, you now have more control over your player development. FIFA 21 has improved its placement functionality, and the new development strategy encourages you to focus on areas you want to add style to your team.

Game Sharpness and Active Training: Gain a better understanding of players and team outcomes by sharpening the game. Sport is a daily successful training method that is achieved by completing training during training.

Schedule Planning: The new task planning system is used to create training plans in teams. This way you know when to stop and play during the game to increase the team’s impact. Help balance the sharpness and power of the player.

External Anti-AI: Reinforced Anti-AI now sees hostile games with more intelligence in both crime and defense. The new AI system will now make similarly successful decisions, strikes and defenses.

New Transfer Option: The move option in FIFA 21 Android has been improved. This improved transition option allows players to log in by adding from one team to another. Players also buy their loans to protect their team along with potential transfer fees.

FIFA 21 APK Clever Dribble

Clever dribbling is a new way to put a lot of pressure on FIFA 21. This feature is an additional source of inspiration for a real FIFA player as it allows you to easily move from one group to another so that debriblers can move away from defenders and free up space by compromising too much with defenders with shoes. Try to help. Clever dribbling shortcuts are always easy to use. Just use the floating analog button and crisp dribbling can be done.

Now on FIFA 21 Android, EA Sports is focused on enhancing the AI ​​player’s identity in an offensive and defensive position to ensure that the best soccer players’ skills fit on a virtual pitch to complement their real players. In FIFA, a tactically conscious player is now more efficient because he is in the right position to run, move or block fires at the right time. That’s why EA Sports has made Smart AI a Smart Man, because, like the previous game series, this feature game is very clever. This condition involves aggressive vision and protective awareness in the personality.

FIFA 21 Football Infrastructure in Android

FIFA 21 Android reinforces the basic concepts of football such as passing, interruptions, feedback and manual headings.
Passing the game: A better understanding of location and ball placement will help players to play smart games in FIFA 21 APAP.
Blocked: In FIFA 21 Android, there is a new blocking function to block pass, target and cross.

Response: Now the AI ​​/ player reacts faster and frees up more reactive players.

Manual Heading: The player uses a header that sends a soccer ball to the exact location of the goal to monitor the head goal/pass.

FIFA 21 Natural Collision System

Fitch 21 Android has modified the natural collision device to ensure easy player interference on the pitch. In FIFA 20 Mobile, the player can control the speed of your attacker in build mode in many ways.

Direct run

To do this trick/run, after triggering the run, move the analog stick to the right to take full control of the direction of the run your classmates are running.
-Direct pass and G.O.
To do this trick/run, cross the correct analog again and your partner will run their run after one pass.
-Lair lock
Now you press the floating analog to attack your current player


FIFA 21 Android has FIFA, which means that FIFA is now on the streets as well. Various gameplay upgrades are available such as Game Organized Ability Movements, Eagle Dribbling and Nutmeg. Increased shooting, defensive improvements, offensive details. On the same server, you can also play games like VOLTA games with your friends.

Game Style

For the first time, Division Enemies in FIFA 20 Mobile promises to give your opponents a new way to compete online. The Champions League for FIFA has started on mobile because you can take part in real life activities. One Button Base: Basic controls are easy to assemble when you want to score. The world tour begins as usual and it is in the reign of the world, not far from your journey. These two new game modes can be updated and put at the forefront of FIFA 21 phones.

FIFA 21 Companion app released

The FIFA 21 Companion app for iOS and Android was launched by EA Sports. This is similar to last year’s version, so it’s easier to upgrade.

The Companion app makes it easy for you to run your entire FUT team business from your phone. You create a team, transfer markets to new talent, change preparation. And perhaps most importantly, the Lincoln Gin incentives will one day be safe.

The FIFA 21 Companion app is a must-have whenever you have a phone that you can actually use, unless you’re a 19th-century traveler playing in the FIFA Ultimate Squad. This simplifies the player’s life and helps keep you up to date.

What is an OBB file?


FIFA 21 Mobile Apk is open to everyone. You don’t have to think about downloading anything else. You only get 1 disk, mount it on your phone, ready to be proud of the name and try it yourself!

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