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March 11,2021
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Construction Simulator 3 Mobile launches today, April 7, 2020, on Mobile, PS4, and Xbox One, while Nintendo Switch launches later this year. It was built by the World Construction Corporation. Estragon Entertainment Product Product GmbH. In this game, we really wanted to analyze our Build Simulator 3.

I wrote a review of Building Simulator 2 game on Nintendo Switch two months ago. Although I appreciated the game, there were some flaws in the game. Please read my Building Simulator 2 review as I can make some comparisons in this review.

Good and bad


  • Better graphics
  • Extended campaign mode
  • Great user interface and menu
  • Reset vehicle function
  • Fast travel system
  • A little progress

This game prevents you from making costly mistakes
Lifespan in terms of game time and repetition
The simulator is really fun for the fanatics


  • Minor errors during review
  • The type of vehicle may be better
  • Tutorials and jobs should be separated for better gameplay

First impression

After practicing this game for a few minutes I was amazed by the similarities between my Construction Simulator 3 strategy game for Mobile Analysis and Construction Simulator 2. You’ll be fine if you’ve played CS2. Some elements of gameplay have been added. This is great so experienced players will participate.

What is an Apk file?

Images have been changed. According to my review of Construction Simulator 2, I was a little disappointed with CS2, but Construction Simulator 3 has improved the graphics this time around. We have more sights than ever before, cars and buildings are well built.

Play the game

You start with a German construction company in Construction Simulator 3 Mobile. You start with Packing MC and work on your company’s website. This is one of the first jobs you do. You can find your text here.

When your tutorial is complete, start the first mission. You can do small construction work to make money, or you can rely on a major step-by-step campaign. Another small town is open after reaching level 5.

But I can’t believe it’s too fast You’ll need a major mission to get into the second and third towns.

You can play two different when you get in the car. The driving is as follows: You can drive and shift. The function helps you adjust the vehicle so that various functions are available. Either the crane is working or the cavity is being dug.

I would also say that you cannot make costly mistakes. During the contracts, you will learn how much money you will need to fill your dump truck or trailer. You may also get a warning if you accidentally place the wrong mixture on a specific area or if you need to spread it in the wrong place. Or you don’t promote it

What would be good

Like many games in the past, we saw some minor changes to our Building Construction Simulator 3 mobile analysis. These include bizarre graphical errors and contract marks in the wrong place. Vehicles often get stuck in strange places. Thanks for resetting your car! No insects affect the progress of the game.

Fortunately, our reviewers have already been given a list of vulnerabilities that were fixed after the launch. If you see a hole today, remember that the developers are working on the game.

Tutorials and difficult jobs

One of the frustrating elements is that you can’t do vehicle tutorials while making deals. When the deal is approved, it’s your only job. You cannot create a tutorial on a car for a mission for some reason. This tutorial is called “Job” because you should only work on one job.

This was selected as long as tutorials on the agreed vehicles were available. The deal currently includes abortion, a lesson on the car, and a new contract. Anything better.

Different types of vehicles

For our mobile analysis of construction simulator 3, I would have chosen a large number of cars. Only 1-2 vehicles are available for each vehicle class in each category. If you’re lucky, sometimes three. I realize this game exceeds the number of cars, so it would be a bonus for more vehicles. I’m guessing that some DLC. Will be coming out with more brands during the year.

Still, you make some more campaign activists excellent. Doing short repetitive missions with just new vehicles would be tedious.

Homestead mode

I want to build all these houses and I think … oh, I really want a house. Yes, you have places and factories for business. But they did Skyrim and should bring Homestead into the game.

As a personal activity, you should look for a stable home. Start by choosing a style house, then buy a lot and build a small house. When you get up and go, you add a swimming pool and garage on the second floor. And then you are done with your home villa !!

Construction simulator 3 mobile gameplay

The number of jobs offered by Construction Simulator 3 Mobile is very impressive. These include crane and excavation work, transport of cement, dump trucks, equipment and materials, road mixing and pouring (pavement and demolition), forklifts and compaction of soil and asphalt. There is no mention of the death of the good dynasty in this detailed list. Unfortunately here TNT. Or not the ball. There is none. But paying attention to physics would be very basic. Well … mechanic.

To perform many tasks you need the best tools for the task. To cover all the different aspects of the building, Construction Simulator 3 offers a healthy selection of mobile-approved vehicles. You will see famous brands like Kate and Guy, and that go with them are very elaborate. Although not ultra-real, they seem to be presentable. The heavy engine noise is not here because I want it, but the SFX is still idle.

What is an OBB file?


After a few days of play, I find it easy to choose the construction simulator 3 phone completely. Construction Simulator 2 is an upgrade and the progress is amazing. While I have a personal wish list of things to see in the game (take them to DLCS!), It’s not far-fetched that the game is really a favorite by all simulator fanatics. It is definitely worth buying.

Construction Simulator 3 Mobile Apk is open to everyone. You don’t have to think about downloading anything else. You only get 1 disk, mount it on your phone, ready to be proud of the name and try it yourself!

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